Recipes for All

Not only are the peppers that we grow amazingĀ  when eaten fresh, they are superb in various recipes we are bringing to you here. Recipes for All is the place to get ideas that many have been asking for. You want to know how to use our pepper products and Jams. We now have a YouTube Channel that will have the videos of some recipes on these pages. This page has the categories and links to ways to use the fresh peppers, dehydrated peppers, powders, blended rubs and jams. On our videos, we will talk about and show you how we use our pepper products as well as - All the great ways you can use the Jams. The Recipes are so that you can have a Pepper-Licious 'Great Culinary Experience.' We will be constantly adding to the Recipe Categories as we test new ideas. We will also share recipes and culinary ideas from other people who are using Pepper-Licious peppers, spices and jams. We would encourage you to share your ideas and recipes with us.

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Fun Cooking Videos with a mix of our products

Smoked chicken thighs with Peach-Mango Pepper Jam

Pork & Chicken Rub Smoked St. Louis Ribs