Our Specialty Habanero Pepper Choices

Our intention is to bring to you the opportunity for specialty culinary delights with Specialty Habanero Pepper Choices that compliment the Aji Lemon Yellow Hot Pepper. With that in mind we are keeping what we grow to those peppers that are unique in flavor, heat and use in various dishes. We enjoy each selection here and grow them in our Organic style for your enjoyment.

Peach Habanero                             Peach Habanero

This pepper fast became a favorite of our! We find this to be the most difficult of our hot peppers to grow but they are AMAZING as a gorgeous plant and is a beauty of a pepper – with a yummy looking orange sherbet like color! Beyond its unique hue, it packs the expected heat of a habanero and fruitiness of a peach flavor. The Heat: The Peach habanero tends to be a little hotter, 150,000 to 350,000 SHU, compared to a common orange habanero,100,000 to 350,000 SHU.   Use: The Peach habanero can be used in any recipe that you would use a habanero. We like it in eggs and as a heat enhancement to peach sauces and jams. Try it as well as a fruity heat source for summer cocktails, pickled to add a real kick to sandwiches and sides, or grilled and sliced or chopped to be added to burgers, salads, or other meals and sides. Always remember that a little goes a long way here, so unless you are accustomed to this level of pepper heat, opt for a lesser amount. We gauge what we use based on who we are cooking for.

Lemon Habanero                          Lemon Habanero

Originating from the Caribbean, Lemon Habanero chili peppers have a distinctive fruity and citrusy taste (and, according to some, even an apricot-like aroma). The Heat: With a typical Habanero heat rating of 100,000 to 350,000 SHU. When they are ripe or dried and powdered, like other colors of habanero, a little goes a long way.   Use: Mince the peppers fine or grind them into a powder, and add them toward the end of cooking to preserve their flavor.

Chocolate Habanero   Chocolate Habanero

We are enjoying the fantastic look of this plant! The Chocolate Habanero, also known as “Congo Black” or “Black Habanero,” is one of the hottest peppers originating from the Caribbean. It ripens to a beautiful chocolate brown and delivers searing heat. They take longer to grow and mature than other habanero varieties, but they are well worth the wait. Fruits grow to about 3 inches long by about 2 inches wide. the Chocolate habanero has a unique, rich, smoky flavor.   The Heat: If you want to kick up the Heat with the flavor.... Here it is:  300,000 – 577,000 SHU   Use:  This culinary delight is great for use in mixes, especially well with fruit in salsas, sauces, chutneys, marinades, and especially Jamaican Jerk Sauce. We easily dry them and you can easily reconstitute with water for use in sauces or cooking.

Peruvian White Habanero              Peruvian White Habanero

    This little white pepper has amazing heat. Another site calls it the "mean bean". It has creamy-white fruit and is one of our favorites for its smoky taste and extreme heat. It is a gorgeous plant - making it an extra hot chili that works perfectly as an ornamental pepper plant as well.

The Heat: Measuring about 1" long, it packs a whopping 100,000 to 350,000 SHU's! This is a heat that surprises many due to the jelly bean-like appearance of this pepper. It just doesn’t look like it’s going to be this hot. Use: We love it in our eggs in the morning. We also add cream cheese to temper the heat. Many others say this best used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisines where you’ll typically find white habanero used, with the same culinary delight as common orange habaneros. They are often used to provide fire to marinades, soups, and hot sauces. Fresh white habaneros are available from us in small quantities. It is also recommended for use as an excellent salsa chili – bringing big heat and smoky sweetness with that unique white color. It’s a nice twist to change up the color aesthetics of your plate.